What and How to Store Food for Emergencies?

Building survival food storage is something of great importance for the emergencies. It is not something preserving fancy food items but it is all about storing food items, which are easy to preserve and cook. Moreover, they are full of nutrition and capable of providing high nutritious value to you.

What to store?

Now the question arises is mind that what should be stored by one for emergencies. The simplest concept for building survival food storage is to preserve food items what you like to eat at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Basic Foods

There are various food items, which should become the part of your survival food storage. These food items are as follows:

·         Wheat

It will be the backbone of your food storage kit, as its seed can be preserved for long naturally. Wheat has maximum shelf life if you will preserve it with care. 400 pounds of wheat will be sufficient per person for a year.

·         Salt

Although salt is not a food but it is essential part of our daily diet and required by every individual to spend healthy life. The best part is that salt has also infinite shelf life and can be used for preserving food and meat. 20 pounds of salt will be sufficient for a person if you want to preserve it for a year.

·         Honey

Honey is also vital to store, as it is full of nutrition and capable of giving high energy to the person, who will eat it. It has long shelf life and only 10 pounds of honey per person will be sufficient for a year.

·         Powdered Milk

Do you know that you can store fat-free powdered milk for more than 15 years at a cool and dry place? Based on this fact, it can be another food item, which can be considered the best to be the part of survival food storage. You will just need 60 pounds of it per person for a year.

Other Foods

After including basic foods in your food storage, you can also add few other types of food items. These food items are as follows:

·         Pepper

·         Pinto beans

·         Baking powder

·         White rice

·         Soybeans

·         Eggs

·         Green peas

·         Multi vitamins and minerals

·         Corns

·         Cooking oil

·         Canned fruits, vegetable, meat

How to Store food?

Preserve the food in the right manner. You can buy plastic buckets from any of the reliable retailers to store your food. Oxygen absorbers can be used to remove the oxygen from the food packets, as food packed in oxygen cannot be stores. However, you have to be careful while using oxygen absorbers. They will absorb the oxygen from your surroundings thus open the packet when you are ready to use it. Store food in the bucket and always leave half-inch bucket empty. Do not forget to throw 3 oxygen absorbers in every bucket. Cover the buckets after throwing absorbers and these absorbers will create vacuum in the buckets after sometime. For more convenience, label the buckets with date and the names of items in it.


Are you looking for customized survival food storage kit and guidance? If yes then contact us now. We will guide you how to store food in which quantity for your survival with ease. 



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